Volume & Issue: Volume 54, Issue 1, June 2022 
A new transformer-based hybrid model for forecasting crude oil returns

Pages 2-2


Ehsan Hajizadeh; Parsa Farineya; Mohammad Mahdi Abdollah Pour

Transfer alignment configuration based on angular velocity and angular velocity integral applied to marine vehicles

Pages 3-3


Seyyed Mohammad Mehdi Dehghan; Mostafa Amuei; Hossien Nourmohammadi; Mohammad Ali AlirezaPouri

Automatic Micro-Expression Recognition using LBP-SIPl and FR-CNN

Pages 5-5


Vida Esmaeili; Mahmood Mohassel Feghhi; Seyed Omid Shahdi

Pulse Delay Compensation for High Velocity Moving Vehicle accurate Localization in the Low Frequency Positioning System

Pages 8-8


Seyyed Mohammad Mehdi Dehghan; Seyyed Ali Asghar Shahidian; Ehya Yavari; Mohammad Ali Alirezapouri; Mostafa Amuei

Smart City Assessment- Initiatives of Mashhad Smart City

Pages 9-9


Seyed Mohammadreza mirsarraf; Alireza Mansouri; Alireza Yari