Design and Modeling of an In-pipe Inspection Robot with Repairing Capability Equipped with a Manipulator

Document Type : Review Article


Mechanical engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran.


 In this paper, an in-pipe inspection robot is designed and modeled with a manipulator to provide the manipulation ability. However, most of such robots are limited to perform inspecting operations. In order to design an in-pipe inspection robot capable of performing an operational task within the pipes, the robot is redesigned by adding a two-linkage serial manipulator with two extra DOFs on the main body of the moving robot. In this way, the robot will be a system with three degrees of freedom. The robot’s kinematic and dynamic models are obtained using Denavit-Hartenberg convention and Euler-Lagrange relations, respectively. Also, the system is controlled using inverse dynamics. Formulas verification, as well as analysis of its results, has been done by MATLAB software. The correctness of the model and the efficiency of the proposed manipulation are investigated by comparing the actual and desired paths. The proposed mechanism is efficient regarding ease and cost reduction. It 


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