Process Fault and Homoclinic explosion in the Lorenz system

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2 Imam Khomeini International University


This paper deals with the problem of process faults in the Lorenz system that can
affect any of the system parameters and cause the system to exhibit various behaviors.
In this paper, the homoclinic orbits in the Lorenz system are described and then the
occurrence of process faults in the system is investigated that can cause a homoclinic
explosion, bifurcation, change of fixed point, or even instability in the system. In
such systems, where a small change in one of the parameters causes large changes
in the behavior of the system, to prevent disaster in industrial systems and also to
stop the propagation of faults in the system, the faults must be identified as soon as
possible. In this paper, the states in the system are estimated by using a reduced-order
observer, and the faults are detected. The purpose of this article is to recognize the change in behavior of this system in the face of this type of fault and to express the importance of timely detection and identification of faults in the system so as not to lead to failure and disaster in industrial systems. Finally, the effect of process fault, disturbance, and sensor fault are investigated simultaneously and the states and faults in the system
are estimated.


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