Exact Solution for Electro- Thermo- Mechanical Behavior of Composite Cylinder Reinforced by BNNTs under Non- Axisymmetric Thermo- Mechanical Loads

Document Type : Research Article



In this research, static stresses analysis of boron nitride nano - tube reinforced composite (BNNTRC) cylinder
made of poly - vinylidene fluoride (PVDF) subjected to non - axisymmetric thermo - mechanical loads and applied voltage is developed. The surrounded elastic medium is modelled by Pasternak foundation. Composite structure is modeled based on piezoelectric fiber reinforced composite (PFRC) theory and a representative volume element has been considered for predicting the elastic, piezoelectric and dielectric properties of the cylinder. Higher order governing equations were solved analytically by Fourier series. The results demonstrated that the fatigue life of BNNTRC cylinder will be significantly dependent on the angle orientation and volume fraction of BNNTs. Results of this investigation can be used for the optimum design of thick - walled cylinders under the multi - physical fields.