Simulation of Position Based Visual Control and Performance Tests of 6R Robot

Document Type : Research Article



This paper presents simulation and experimental results of position-based visual servoing control process of a 6R robot using 2 fixed cameras. This method has the ability to deal with real time changes in the relative position of the target-object with respect to robot. Also, greater accuracy and independency of servo control structure from the target pose coordinates are the additional advantages of this method. Forward and inverse kinematics of 6R robot have been simulated then simulation of image processing, object recognition and pose estimation of the end effector as well as target-object in Cartesian space and visual control of robot have been prescribed. Performance tests of the 6R robot with two cameras have been simulated. Finally, analysis of error and test data has been carried out according to ISO9283, ANSI-RIA R15.05-2 standards and statistical toolbox of MATLAB. Experimental results obtained from actual implementation of visual control and tests of 6R robot in lab are presented and used to validate simulation tests.


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